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  • MULTI-TALENTED: We provide loans to the community AND we are professional jewelers providing services such as jewelry repair, insurance appraisals, free Gemological valuations and jewelry prices low enough to knock your socks off!
  • DON’T BE SHY: You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about getting a loan with us. Our reputation isn’t like other pawn shops – people take pride in coming into our stores!
  • FLEXIBLE WHEN YOU NEED MORE TIME: When you get a loan and can’t pay us back immediately IT IS OK! We will work with you and, with proper communication, we won’t pull your item! You won’t get this courtesy from another pawnbroker.
  • PAY ONLINE: Get a loan with us and make your payments online! No need to come in every month!
  • LOWEST RATES IN TOWN: Our loan rates are as low as 8%!
  • LARGE ITEM LOANS: Bring in the cars, motorcycles and any other heavy equipment for a large loan and let’s negotiate a great rate!
  • PRINCIPAL REDUCTIONS: We offer the option to do principal reductions on your loan – saving you TONS of money throughout the loan term!
  • HIGHEST VALUES: LaBosco’s loan values are higher than anywhere. We get you the most cash when you really need it!
Stay Safe During COVID-19 by Choosing LaBosco’s. Seriously Sanitary and Secure.

By choosing LaBosco’s you always get the best customer service from our knowledgeable and friendly team. We take it one step further with our commitment to your safety during these difficult times. You get the same service with a smile you’ve come to expect, only with a mask. Every work station is cleaned as often as possible. Most interactions are done behind protective shields. Every member of the team has been tested negative and we all take social distancing precautions. Visit our clean store and professional staff and you’ll definitely be impressed!

We follow the latest CDC guidelines, and even go above and beyond! Most of both stores are outfitted with transparent barriers so we can still conduct face to face transactions safely. We sanitize all surfaces on a regular basis. All employees are wearing masks and sanitizing at every opportunity. Social distancing guidelines are followed by our customers, because LaBosco’s customers are the best around! You can be comfortable and safe when you visit either of our stores.

You will know the LaBosco’s difference the moment you step in the door. Not only do we hire overnight professional crews using recommended EPA registered disinfectants, our staff members follow up all day long with microban 24-hour sanitizers. We have FDA approved hand sanitizer stations for customer use and plenty of space for social distancing. You can rest easy with piece of mind every time you get a pawn loan at LaBosco’s

We specialize in a wider variety of items than any other shop! When you need a short term loan, bring in anything of value and we will take care of you. Some of the best options include: Gold or Silver Bullion/Coins, Jewelry (Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Charms, Chains), Power/Hand Tools, Firearms (Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers), Antiques/Collectibles, Luxury Watches (Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Cartier, Longines, Chopard, etc.), Vehicles (Motorcycles, Automobiles, Cars, Trucks, Trailers), Music Equipment/Instruments (Guitars, Amps, Microphones, DJ Controllers, Interfaces etc.), Electronics (Computers, Laptops, Televisions, Tablets, Headphones, Smart Watches), Games/Systems (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, VR), Hunting/Fishing (Bows, Fishing Poles/Rods, Knives), Designer Handbags/Accessories, Sporting Equipment (Surfboards, Kayaks, Paddle boards), and more…
Your items are valued properly at LaBosco’s by real experts such as Gemologists, Certified Jewelry Appraisers, NRA instructors, coin experts and more. We want to give you the most money possible! It’s good for you and for us, we want repeat customers!
Other shops charge lost ticket fees and storage fees. At LaBosco’s, we believe that these charges are not fair, and unexpected charges are the worst! We follow the golden rule and are happy to answer your questions anytime.
We send free text reminders tell you when you’re payments are due. Plus, our mobile payment feature will save you monthly trips to the store! Even better, our web-chat feature keeps you in touch with us anytime!
Our average rate is 10%, but we go as low as 8.5% on larger loans. When you need a loan for $50 or $50,000 – we are making sure you’re getting the best rate. Get the most for your money with LaBosco's!
Most shops will pull your item if you can’t pay on time. We have flexible, lenient terms. We don’t want to see you lose your items if you are past the deadline, so we will work with you. 360+ five star reviews and counting!
Have Questions? Write us a message and we will answer you.

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