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Amazon, eBay, and Walmart… These giant corporations are competing with each other for domination of your dollar. But the e-commerce revolution that is putting mom & pop shops out of business continues to grow because it seems more convenient. We here at LaBosco’s have been in business for over 50 years, and we are doing better than ever thanks to our loyal customers! Here are eight reasons why you should stop by our showroom for the first time, or come back to see whats new.


#1 Knowledge

We put our dedication, education, and reputation into everything we do. Repairs, appraisals, precious metal purchasing, and everything else. This is a career to us, not a job. When our customers are seeking real knowledge they come to us even when they aren’t spending money – we will always help our community with our educated advice and opinions.

#2 Accountability

We have to be good at what we do because you know where to find us! You can look us in the eyes with a smile or tell us we need to do better…and we’re here to listen. We have a reputation that means a lot to us and we know in order to keep that great reputation we must earn it time and time again.

five stars placed carfully


We take the time and effort to keep up on the latest trends and the latest industry knowledge so that we can keep learning. Even though we are experts in our field, we will always humbly remain students. We simply love doing our best for our customers and community.



The money you spend with us stays and is reused in our local economy and doesn’t get shipped off to a corporate offshore account. We are constantly supporting local initiatives within our community to keep where we live the best place to live.



We know that there are good deals out there. Every single day we are doing market research to make sure the prices you get are the best prices locally and on the Internet. We have so many customers that are “lifers” because they know the LaBosco’s team will always get them the best deal possible.



We will celebrate with you when you get engaged. We will weep for joy at a baby’s birth. We will hug you and help you through a divorce. Why? Because, after 5 decades of doing business in our hometown, we KNOW YOU. We know what you like and care if you are happy. We know your dog’s name and your daughter’s due date. You talk, we listen.


CUSTOMER SERVICE! Yes, it’s in all caps for a reason. We take pride in giving 5-star customer service. Check our Google reviews and you’ll find that we consistently strive to give the best service because that—in addition to great deals on quality merchandise—is the reason that we have been in business since 1970.


We have been here since 1970 and will be in 2070. The only way to do that is stand behind our products, service and commitment to being even better today that we were yesterday.


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Mandy Taylor

Beautiful jewelry

Natalie Cappiello

Thank you so much!


Labosco’s is the only jewelery store that myself and husband only shop. We’ve gone to several others, but nothing compares to their quality, service and compassion to assist you. They all Love their responsibility to any client. Old or new you’re treated with respect and honor on every visit. I promise. I send all my friends their to.

Natalie Cappiello

Abby thank you for this! And thank you for always supporting us on our social media channels! Yes, we notice! Its exactly why I say we are in business for the past 50 years – its a group effort between us and you. We couldn’t do what we do without your support…therefore, when you do come in, we try hard to make the experience a pleasant one. We appreciate you and we want you to know it. 🙂

Jennifer Jones

I absolutely love your guys is courtesy the people in there are always smiling and happy and they greet you they tried to make your experience the best one that they that you’ve had they asked you if everything was good and if you found everything okay they show you many different types and styles of what you’re looking for just all-around great staff and caring people I love coming in there and seeing you guys and all the contest you guys do and everything you do for the community

Natalie Cappiello

This is amazing and today I’ll be reading this to them because having feedback like this makes them realize that their hard work is noticed. They know our customers have a choice when it comes to where they shop. Every time you come in, we have to strive to keep your business and that’s what we try to do. The giveaways are tons of fun and I’m glad you’re enjoying them. We feel they bring a smile to our customer’s faces and gets them excited and makes them look forward to something. It’s my favorite part of what we do…giving back.

Siera Coates

Unique and beautiful jewelry

Natalie Cappiello

Siera, thank you so much!

January Love

Amazing customer service, professional, and everything you need.

Natalie Cappiello

January you’re awesome! Thanks for commenting!

tiffany woodbury

beautiful and unique jewelry:)

Natalie Cappiello

Thank you so much!


LaBosco’s Jewelry Castle is an outstanding business. The selection is great and you couldn’t ask for better service anywhere. I will continue to do business at the “Castle”.


I went to Labosco’s because of the good reviews. I was not disappointed. I worked with Lee and Mike and they were friendly, professional, and helpful. I was impressed with the staff, the service, and the jewelry and will definitely be back!

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