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Luxury Handbag Authentication

I love your bag! You know, the trendy Louis Vuitton that you got as a gift from you know who… But, let’s be honest, you have wondered if she’s real and there’s no shame in that. I mean, not that it matters, but your curiosity should not be ignored. We all know how fast and easy it is for counterfeits to hit the market. And these days, the accuracy is so good that even experts are getting duped. But, fear not – LaBosco’s now has the technology to authenticate luxury handbags with 99.1% accuracy!

Second-hand resale of high-end luxury items is becoming a lot more mainstream. And why not? If you can snag the bag you’ve been dreaming about for half-off retail, it’s crazy not to. As per the 2020 Resale Report from thredUP.com, online sales of pre-owned designer merchandise is projected to increase almost 70% in 2021! It’s safe to say that luxury handbags are, obviously, a major piece of this. However, since designer handbags can fetch high prices even on the secondary market, they’re a lucrative target for counterfeiters.

Recently, there has been a huge surge in forgeries or “Superfakes.” Superfakes are designer luxury items that are manufactured so closely to the real thing that even the most savvy shopper can be duped. Even more shocking – it has been rumored that a portion of these superfakes are even made in exactly the same manufacturing plants as the real luxury handbags. For bargain hunters, the threat of superfake handbags makes buying aftermarket luxury fashion a nail-biting proposition. So what can you do when you’re searching for a new or like-new hand bag for a fraction of the price?

Which Louis Vuitton is Real?

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Ok, so here’s some uplifting news! LaBosco’s can help you determine if your handbag is truly authentic or if it is a sinister imposter of the real thing! How? We use a luxury authentication solution to authenticate designer handbags using artificial intelligence and advanced computer vision techniques. These authentication algorithms have been trained to differentiate between authentic and fake items with a 99.1% accuracy rate! Yay, go us! Why is this important to you? This allows us to pay you more for your handbags and give you a higher trade in value!

Do you own a Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Coach, Céline, Chanel, Chloé, Dior, Fendi, Goyard, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Prada or Saint Laurent luxury bag and want to know if it’s authentic? We are offering our authentication service for half off through the end of May ($24.99). You will receive a certificate of authentication for your bag with our service!

In other good news, this also means that we have incredible deals on authentic pre-owned designer handbags in stock! Our growing collection of high-end luxury handbags is the only one in town with a buyer protection guarantee. Our selections are constantly changing because our bags are flying off the shelf as fast as we put them out for sale. Now you can grab a new handbag to match your new bling!

Stop by anytime for a free consultation and you will leave with piece of mind as to the authenticity of your favorite bag. Or, come browse our selection of authentic designer bags that fit every budget. If you have any questions about our entrupy handbag authentication, click our website’s chat feature or give us a call at 386-788-07141

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Wilma Naylor

Natalie, great idea. This seems like a service so many people can use. There is nothing better than to arm oneself with information so no one will take advantage.

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